1. The Top Kitchen Cabinet Trends of 2018

    So, you’ve finally decided to remodel the kitchen. What’s your first step? It might be tempting to look at new flooring, countertops, and sinks before anything else. But we recommend giving some thought to the kitchen cabinets. There’s no question that cabinets play a major role in overall appearance and functionality. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which style is best …Read More

  2. Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling the Kitchen

    In our previous blog post, we looked at how to save money on your kitchen remodel. You’re ready to get started on the project at this point. However, it’s imperative to consider the most common kitchen remodeling mistakes before jumping into the first step. Here are the top 10: Rushing into the project - Maybe you’re selling the house and want to make improvements as quickly as possible. On …Read More

  3. How to Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodel

    It’s officially home improvement season. You’ve already gotten your tax return (or will soon) and want to put it to good use. So you think about what can be done around the house. It doesn’t take long to realize that your kitchen would benefit from some serious work. But is a kitchen remodel really worth the time and money? In short, yes. Believe it or not, such a project often returns more …Read More

  4. Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing – What to Know

    You’ve finally had enough of your current kitchen cabinets. Not only do they look worn-out, but the cabinets are just plain ugly. There’s no other way to describe it. So you decide it’s time to give the cabinets a more high-end look. But before you get started, consider this: a DIY kitchen cabinet refinishing project may cost you as little as $200 in supplies. Just be prepared to dedicate se…Read More

  5. Community Update From November 2017

    This time of year, we love giving back to those in need. We were fortunate to spend part of November participating in several community service/fundraising events. Keep reading as we spend some time going into each in detail. Turningpoint for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence - On November 30th, we took part in the “Transforming Lives Annual Fundraiser Donation.” Turningpoint got started…Read More

  6. The Ins and Outs of Cabinet Refinishing and Refacing

      Some Specifics There’s often some confusion between cabinet refinishing and refacing — and understandably so. When homeowners decide their kitchen cabinets are in need of a facelift, they sometimes use the two interchangeably. However, the differences between the two are pretty stark; cabinet refinishing involves our tried and tested process of prepping and detailing your job site by ap…Read More

  7. Relay For Life Event Update from Summer 2017

    More Than Cabinet Refacing We’ve been fortunate to be able to offer our cabinet refacing services to our Hudson neighbors for years. During this time, we’ve met hundreds of our Hudson neighbors. We’ve had the privilege of visiting their homes for consultations and turning their kitchen cabinet refacing dreams into realities. This has allowed us to get to know our neighbors and their families…Read More

  8. Top Five Reasons to Reface Your Cabinets

    Why Replace When You Can Reface? If you’re like the millions of Americans who annually embark on home improvement ventures, you’re likely also among those who wish that their kitchen cabinets were either a different color, a different size, or something completely unrecognizable from their current state. For some, refacing their cabinets is the only part of their home improvement project, whil…Read More

  9. The Best Cabinet Colors For Black Countertops

    Back in Black For as long as we can recall, black countertops have always been a sought-after staple for homeowners who want elegance, charm, and a bit of sophistication in their kitchens. Not only are these marble or granite countertops a breeze to clean and care for, but they’re some of the most reliable countertops you can find. While granite and marble share different consistencies, styles, …Read More

  10. Commercial Services

    In need of cabinet replacing, refinishing or refacing services for your business? St. Croix Cabinet Solutions can help! Most recently, we helped a local financial planner transform his new office space from vacant to WOW! We refinished his conference table from an outdated honey-oak color to a modern Ebony look which looks super sleek & very professional in his new space. We also colored, fini…Read More