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Quality Focus Service Provider:

Throughout your work with our company you will find examples of our staff’s attention to details and focus on providing quality services to provide complete customer satisfaction.  We treat and your home with the same respect & courtesy as we would expect you to want, from removing shoes at the door to protecting all directly adjoining surfaces in the areas we are working (ie, countertops, floors, appliances, etc.)
Our staff is employed by us and we work with reliable, respected industry specialists in the areas we do not directly provide, for example countertop fabrication. You will find us to plan to be on time as scheduled vs not knowing what date/time we will “show up” at your home.
You will find a pleasant and excellent level of customer service in your work with our company — we take pride in our staff and servicing to customers.

For Example, our Refacing Projects Include:

Joint Construction

All of our Traditional and Mitered replacement cabinet doors are manufactured using a “pinless” construction method that eliminates the use of pins in the door joints, and leaves the impression that the door is a single object, rather than five pieces.

Mortise and tenon joints are precisely milled and tapered resulting in a tighter, more seamlessly perfect, pinless joint; ensuring improved appearance and enduring performance. All stile and rail profiles* feature half lap mullion construction. Most mullion doors are manufactured by coping the mullion stock and gluing or stapling the pieces together. Half lap mullion construction is found on higher quality cabinets because it requires more craftsmanship. But we believe the stronger joints and cleaner overall appearance are worth it and we think you will too. (* with exception to Mullion Molding Stock #2043)

Each horizontal and vertical mullion begins and ends at the strongest point — the inside edge of the cabinet door frame. Mullions that run end-to-end also create more consistent grain flow throughout the lite pattern. No pins or staples are used to join individual mullions together. Only the half lap and a little glue are needed to create this clean and structurally sound mullion joint. We encourage you to shop the competitors and see the difference in our quality for yourself.

All our Frame and Mullion doors feature an integrated retainer slot in the Stile and Rail Profile. Using the integrated slot and one of our retainer options is the easiest and most professional way to secure glass inserts into the cabinet door frame. Inevitably, woodworking projects call for custom sizes. Stile & Rail part widths often vary to serve a functional purpose such as butting a pair of Lazy Susan doors together, where one door must have an increased stile width to keep a consistent look between the pair of doors and also provide a place to butt the doors together. Custom sizes are never a problem and don’t require huge extra fees. We go the extra mile to ensure you are receiving the highest quality replacement cabinet doors in Hudson possible.

Custom Sizes and Styles

Our cabinets feature custom period style looks. Many of today’s popular cabinet door designs include stiles and rails that are increased in width. Wider stiles and rails give doors an organic, custom appearance that is often associated with increased value and a rich, unique look. Today’s Shaker and Craftsman style cabinet doors often use this technique while on the other hand, minimalist styles have narrower stile and rail parts. Our doors and drawers options give you a custom, tailored look of our most popular Drawer Box is constructed using the half blind dovetailed method, which is found on the highest quality cabinets and furniture. This Drawer Box construction is offered in any of our available solid wood species or in a Baltic Birch Plywood alternative and is most often fitting for kitchen & bath cabinetry, furniture, and custom built-in applications.

Drawer Boxes

Blind dovetail construction uses a progression of interlocking shapes called pins and tails that fit tightly together. As you might imagine, this method of construction requires the highest degree of craftsmanship. Glue locks the dovetails together, creating a strong bond at the joints, which do not require the help of any additional nails or pins. Half Blind Dovetail construction does not expose the end grain of the side panel dovetails and therefore creates a pleasing look when exposed to any cabinetry.

We also offer an economical alternative to solid wood Dovetailed Drawer Boxes. Our Melamine Drawer Boxes have a particle board core in a dowelled construction while our Plywood Drawer Boxes are offered in either a dowelled construction with veneer or MDF core, or a veneer core nailed construction. These Drawer Box styles allow you to customize the material, thickness, and choice of added features while sticking to your project’s budget and still providing a great quality product that will last for years to come.

If you don’t need a brand new set of custom cabinets talk to us about other options like kitchen cabinet refacing Hudson. We look forward to assisting you with making your home the home of your dreams.  Remember, you never need to settle for low-quality products or services. We will work within your budget and provide you with premium workmanship and products.

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