Multiple Cabinet Refacing Options

Refinishing & Refacing: Are they the same thing… or different?

Customers tend to get confused sometimes because businesses sometimes refer to refinishing and refacing cabinets as one in the same, however, they are polar opposites of each other. The only logical reason is that larger businesses don’t want you to refinish kitchen cabinets they want you to buy new ones or reface the old ones because it puts more money directly in their pockets. With that said, depending on what you want to do, that might very well be your best option, but not always! If you are uncertain about the best route to go when it comes to the replacement of cabinet doors, please reach out to our team. We are experts in custom kitchen cabinets in Hudson and can help walk you through the different options that are available to you. Read on to learn a little more about the differences between refinishing and refacing your cabinets.

Refinishing: This used to be done by using caustic stripping chemicals that would eat away or soften the finish enough so you could scrape it away with a putty knife and then sand off the remainder. Once the cabinets were back to bare wood then you could stain them to the color you desired, and then a shellac or varnish was applied as a top coat which would smell and take days to fully cure . You can read on our refinishing page how our process is different but very effective in meeting the majority of refinishing needs.

Refacing: Refacing cabinets is a process of removing your existing doors, drawer faces or complete drawers and installing new ones. This gives you the opportunity to choose a different style and it also gives you the opportunity to choose a new color and wood species for your cabinets. Depending on the refacing style you use, which there are many different options; so if you are not provided options, that only means the company either does only one type or only likes to do one type. Make sure you ask questions about that so you understand fully the refacing options they provide.

You should be given at least three face frame/end panel options, which range from a 1/8” thick veneer up to 1/4” for covering the existing face frames and up to ¼” panels on the cabinet ends and islands. They should also be offering things such as crown moldings and base shoe moldings and other services to update your kitchen, such as hardware and cabinet/drawer organizers.

This is very general information but it gives you a good basic idea of the differences between refinishing and refacing so that you don’t get confused with industry lingo. As always feel free to reach out to our team with any further questions about the replacement of cabinet doors, remodeling your kitchen, or even creating custom cabinets for your home. We look forward to assisting you.

Residential Refinishing & Refacing Services

Cabinets define the character of the room. So it is no wonder that when your cabinets begin to look worn, faded, or out of date, the whole room looks tired and faded too. This is when many people in Hudson turn to cabinet refacing services to update the look of their kitchen.

If the high cost of cabinet replacement is keeping you from updating your kitchen, bath, family room, or office, you now have cost-effective alternatives: refinish or reface with St. Croix Cabinet Solutions. We can help you take your dreary or mediocre kitchen and make it stand out with our high-quality kitchen makeovers.


Traditional Cabinet Refacing gets you the cabinets of your dreams without breaking your budget. We install new doors and drawers and cover all exposed parts of the frame with matching wood veneers. The results are nothing short of spectacular and our customers regularly save up to 50% off the cost of new cabinets.

We believe in beauty that is more than skin deep. St. Croix Cabinet Solutions is proud to feature the highest quality products exclusively designed for cabinet refacing. Read more about the quality of our products.

Choose from:

  • 23 wood varieties in 95 grades to fit any budget and style preference
  • Over 180 different wood and style combinations from classic Solid Wood Raised Panels…. to Rustic & Knotty… to Contemporary Veneer (Slab).
  • 34 stain colors; 3 shades light medium or dark
  • 24 paint colors; 3 shades light medium or dark
  • 15 glaze colors and 7 glaze methods
  • Hundreds of accessories and options from cabinet glass to hinges and hardware

Visit our idea center to see some of our more popular combinations.

Unique Cabinet Refacing options you’ll find only with us:
For Example, if you like your current cabinet boxes(frames), you can replace doors & drawers and refinish existing cabinet frames, instead of applying wood veneers over the frames.

You will have additional cost savings (over traditional cabinet refacing) using this cabinet solutions option.

Is cabinet refacing the right choice for you?
It may be, if…

  • You like the layout of your cabinets
  • You want to change the style of your cabinets
  • Your cabinets are cracked, split, or gouged in addition to faded, yellowed, or water damaged

Talk to us today about a kitchen makeover. We can improve the look of your home with a simple facelift for your cabinet doors.

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