We offer a unique line of painted cabinet finishes that will saturate the wood of your kitchen cabinets with the beautiful color you’ve always wanted! When you are seeking custom cabinets in Hudson, consider cabinet painting as an option for upgrading your kitchen or bathroom.

Choose from an endless array of colors and finishes, including satin, matt, glazed, antique, burnished, and opaque. There are many ways to go about painting cabinets; but the bottom line is if you don’t take the time to do all the surface prep steps properly the stage will not be set for a durable, quality outcome. Like any other component of a kitchen makeover, it is critically important that the services performed are done so professionally and carefully. After all, you want your new custom cabinets to continue to look beautiful for a long time to come.

So don’t be talked into a mindset that brushing or rolling your cabinet doors and drawers is just as good. If you want a quality professional job with no corners cut they should be sprayed. If you have crown molding everything should be sprayed as the results are superior to brushing or rolling.

Here at St. Croix Cabinet Solutions we employ an 11 step process for cabinet painting. More than half of that is prep work. Why do we invest so much time into preparation? We do so because quality matters to us. If you hire us to help you with a kitchen makeover or to update your bathroom cabinets, we will never cut corners. Talk to us today about quality cabinet painting in Hudson.

One of our recent projects using existing cabinets to take their kitchen from ow…to wow!