Smiling woman is consulting young couple for color advice

Looking for a design consultant in Hudson? Check out the ways we can help you with anything from custom kitchen cabinets to designer kitchens. Offering services of this type covers a very broad spectrum:

Some customers prefer full assistance with cabinet updating/improvement decisions and others have a pretty good idea of what it is they want their kitchen, bathroom, office or other cabinets to look like. Most often it falls someplace in between, so don’t feel bad if you need some help.

Depending on the range of services you need, some design consultation could be part of the original free estimate. This is when we really find out how comfortable the customer is making choices on their own regarding everything from door styles to color schemes.

If you want more than some basic consulting help, we offer color and design consultation beginning at a rate of $75.00 per hour.

We utilize special kitchen design software along with your desired outcome to create unique designs best suited to your wants and needs. As your local Hudson design consultant, we are here to help you achieve the design vision you have for your home. Your home is your haven and it should reflect the exact style you want. Talk to us today about custom kitchen cabinets, designer kitchens, upgraded bathrooms, and more.