If you are wondering whether your cabinets are in true need of replacement, ask yourself the following:
  • Why do I think they need to be replaced?  Is it style, how they function, or that they are not structurally sound?
  • Is the kitchen set up properly to function well for your needs?  For example, the recommended configuration for range/oven, sink/dishwasher & refrigerator is a triangular arrangement of certain measure for best cooking functionality.
  • Do you need better organization in your kitchen?  Rollouts are an example of where you can improve that to better meet your reach/accessibility, convenience, and not falling victim to things that end up in the back of cabinets never being used.
Sometimes replacing cabinets is the best option: however, our team will with you to explore all options.  If we find replacement is the route you want to take, we work with two cabinet suppliers, both located in the upper midwest, and thereby also utilizing reputable, quality, long time local businesses in our region.

Tony Dreawves/St.Croix Cabinet Solutions

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