Cabinet refinishing in Hudson by St. Croix Cabinet Solutions can make your cabinets look new again. Our basic cabinet refinishing process and proprietary finishes can restore the sheen and patina to your cabinets in just one to two days! And there is little to no dust or odor – and no huge costs.

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Residential Refinishing & Refacing Services

Cabinets define the character of the room. So it is no wonder that when your cabinets begin to look worn, faded, or out of date the whole room looks tired and faded, too.

If the high cost of cabinet replacement is keeping you from updating your kitchen, bath, family room, or office, you now have cost-effective alternatives: refinish or reface with St. Croix Cabinet Solutions.

Ready for a new color? No problem. Our process can transform your cabinets with a slight color shift, a dramatic color change, or even create a luxurious opaque/painted finish.

And the best part is the price is about 1/3 or less of the cost to replace the cabinets – leaving you with plenty of budget for a new floor, counters, and appliances.

dfa459_edf1c995df0e45539d28484edb55c673Is Cabinet Refinishing the right choice for you?
It may be, if…

  • You like the layout of your cabinets
  • You like to style of your cabinets
  • Your cabinets are free from major cracks, splits, or gouges (fading, yellowing, or minor water damage is okay)
  • You want your project completed fast
  • Cost is a major consideration

Or, are you dreaming of a rich, deep cherry color; or wanting to change from golden oak to black walnut? A complete color change will dramatically change the way your whole room looks and feels. We can change the color from light to dark in just 3-5 days.

Colored Finishes

We offer a unique line of painted cabinet finishes that will saturate the wood of your kitchen cabinets with the beautiful color you’ve always wanted! Choose from an endless array of colors and finishes, including satin, matte, glazed, antique, burnished, and opaque.

St. Croix Cabinet Solutions’ General Refinishing Process:

  1. dfa459_127366ee677746e8a17666e5249daaa1Prep and Detail the job site by masking and draping the job site.
  2. Vacuum and sweep the project area to remove any dust and debris.
  3. Remove and clean any heating and ventilating vents to ensure a dust-free project area (floor refinishing only).
  4. Patch and fill cracks and gaps as may be necessary.
  5. Deep clean all wood surfaces and remove contaminants.
  6. Dry thoroughly.
  7. Restore or change color.
  8. Seal the wood.
  9. Burnish.
  10. Apply proprietary high Performance, low VOC water-based polyurethane finish. (UV instant cure finish also available.)

St. Croix Cabinet Solutions’ cabinet refinishing process is virtually odor-free, creates no dust or mess, and can be done in as little as one day. Talk to us today to decide if cabinet refinishing in Hudson is the right choice for you. Feel free to also ask us about our cabinet replacement options, custom cabinets, cabinet refinishing, and more. We are a local team, passionate about making your home the home of your dreams.

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