Why Replace When You Can Reface?

If you’re like the millions of Americans who annually embark on home improvement ventures, you’re likely also among those who wish that their kitchen cabinets were either a different color, a different size, or something completely unrecognizable from their current state. For some, refacing their cabinets is the only part of their home improvement project, while for others, it’s but one of the many undertakings in which they’ll be taking part. Whatever your reasons for desiring different cabinets, we here at St. Croix Cabinet Solutions understand that no two home improvement projects are the same, which is why, when you choose us for your kitchen cabinet refacing project, we approach your project with the dedication and client focus that you deserve to keep your cabinet refinishing project on time and within budget. Curious about some of the reasons our many satisfied customers opted for cabinet refacing? Read on to find out.


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Reason Number Five: Choice

We know this might sound a bit obvious, but when you choose to reface over replacing, you’re left with many more options than if you simply chose to replace. When you replace your cabinets, your options for kitchen cabinets that meet your specific wants and needs are slimmer than when you choose to reface them. When you choose to reface your cabinets, you get away with more wriggle room for design and creativity — both of which come standard when you select St. Croix for your kitchen cabinet refacing needs. Whether you’re looking for various tints of staining on numerous wood options, or you’re thinking something more along the lines of eye-catching colors or clouded glass doors situation within wooden frames, St. Croix has you and your kitchen cabinet desires covered.


Reason Number Four: Speed and Efficiency

When homeowners choose to replace their cabinets, they can expect the process to take quite a bit more time than if they had chosen to reface. The entire process involves removing the entire cabinet, not just the doors like the most common cabinet refacing process. When choosing cabinet refacing, the dirty work of removing doors, hinges, handles, and other accompanying pieces is done rather quickly (think hours or a day, depending on the size of your kitchen). This means that we spend less time moving things around and covering furniture, countertops, and chairs with plastic covering and more time on making your cabinets like-new. And when your cabinets get the facelift you’ve wanted, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and pleased with the speed. So, if you’re wanting a faster, more efficient way to give your kitchen cabinets and your kitchen that new, spruced-up look, then kitchen cabinet refacing is for you.


Reason Number Three: Cost

There’s no getting around the fact that just about any home improvement project (DIY or not) will cost you a good chunk of change. This is particularly true when it comes to replacing kitchen cabinets. While St. Croix offers competitive and affordable pricing, it’s nearly certain that replacing those cabinets will cost you more than refacing them. You can get in touch with us for a free estimate to get a better idea of the costs associated with your project. But, when you select cabinet refacing, you’re selecting a cost-effective and time-efficient way of giving your kitchen a proper makeover. Considering practicality, why replace your functional kitchen cabinet when you can get a brand new look by simply replacing the doors, adding new handles or hinges, or restraining the doors that are looking a little outdated? Save yourself time, money, and hassle by selecting cabinet refacing.


Reason Number Two: Less Mess

We briefly touched on this in the previous reason, but let’s get into it a bit more. When replacing cabinets, the process is understandably more involved. When cabinets need to be replaced, the process surrounding removing them takes quite it bit more time than replacing them. More tarps will need to be put down and spread across a larger area to accommodate the excess sawdust, paint, and other potentially mess-inducing components needed to replace your cabinets. As you can imagine, much of the potential mess is avoided when you choose to reface rather than replace. While we’ll still need to tarp and move a few things around, this process will entail much less than the cabinet replacement process.


Reason Number One: Breathing New Life into Older Cabinets

Fine wines may age better than most things, but cabinets can hold their own as well. While we don’t recommend letting your cabinets go untouched for decades, we do hope you’ll look at your aging cabinets fondly rather than annoyance after years of use. If cared for with basic cleaning techniques and haven’t be subjected to the kinds of abuse only young children can inflict with their active lifestyles and curiosities, then your cabinets should be able to withstand their existence in your kitchen. Often, the areas with the most damage are your cabinet doors. When you choose to reface them, these dents and dings are easily removed — without the need to replace the entire cabinet. This means that you can give new life to old cabinets by simply giving them an in-depth facelift with St. Croix Cabinet Solutions. If you’re considering replacing your cabinets, make sure to get in touch with us today to get a better idea if your cabinets really need to be replaced, or if they can become like-new with a few simple replacements. As always: Choose quality. Choose St. Croix cabinet Solutions.