This time of year, we love giving back to those in need. We were fortunate to spend part of November participating in several community service/fundraising events. Keep reading as we spend some time going into each in detail.

  1. Turningpoint for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence – On November 30th, we took part in the “Transforming Lives Annual Fundraiser Donation.” Turningpoint got started as a crisis line and an all-volunteer “safe house” program. After nearly a decade of renting shelter facilities, the organization conducted a successful capital campaign to build its own facility in 1989. The move allowed Turningpoint to build its first 14-bed shelter, which remains the only domestic and sexual violence crisis shelter in Pierce and St. Croix counties. Turningpoint doesn’t just provide shelter and crisis counseling, though. Today, the organization offers legal systems assistance, children’s programming, support groups, as well as violence prevention education. Just last year, Turningpoint reached another major milestone in that in that it expanded the crisis shelter from 14 to 21 beds. Turningpoint’s mission is “to provide support and resources to achieve freedom from domestic and sexual violence.” Turningpoint affirms that no one deserves to be abused. Note that all services are available to anyone regardless of race, sex, religion, political philosophy, age, gender, marital status, income level, immigration status, or nature of employment. The vision of Turningpoint is to end domestic and sexual violence for good throughout Pierce and St. Croix counties. Current needs of the organization include everything from non-perishable food and hygiene supplies to cleaning products and general shelter necessities. Please be aware that Turningpoint is unable to accept toys or children’s items at this time. If you would like to make a donation for the shelter, please visit them at Second Chance Thrift Store in downtown River Falls.
  2. BRIDGE for Community Life Donation – The Members of Lunch and Learn Networking Group in Hudson hosted a guest servers night November 13th at Los Habaneros, a new Mexican restaurant. All gratuity collected was donated to BRIDGE for Community Life. BRIDGE is a non-profit organization that provides community-based life skills training, employment services, and social/recreational programs for youth and adults with disabilities. For more than a decade, BRIDGE has provided opportunities for youth with disabilities as they transition into adulthood. The organization relies heavily on support from the community, particularly high school and college students. Today, BRIDGE serves an average of 350 individuals per year thanks to the support of 125 active volunteers. Since opening 12 years ago, BRIDGE has placed more than 100 clients in jobs. So how can you support BRIDGE? First, keep in mind that outside support is vital to the organization’s success. Your generosity will help the team at BRIDGE ensure that all individuals with disabilities will be seen as community assets to be nurtured and developed. Doing so enables these people to become welcomed and engaged citizens in our society. Feel free to make a one-time donation or take it to the next level and become a member. BRIDGE members receive an annual newsletter along with discounts and priority registrations for programs and events.
  3. Adoray Home Health & Hospice – On December 1st, Lunch & Learn Networking Group sponsored a decorated tree with gifts for the Adoray Annual Holiday Gala Fundraiser Auction.  Founded in 1995, Adoray Home Health & Hospice continues to bring comfort home to communities in western Wisconsin. The goal of the organization is simple: Improve a patient’s quality of life while recovering from injury or when facing serious or life-limiting illness. The Adoray team continually works to make each day a comfortable one. This means bringing dignity, relief from pain, and the patient’s choice of treatment. Here are some of the services Adoray has to offer your loved one:
    1. Hospice care – Is your loved one facing a type of life-limiting illness or disease and prefers comfort care to curative treatment? Then Adoray may be an option.
    2. Palliative care – This is for those facing a serious and potentially life-limiting illness with symptoms that may be difficult.
    3. Home health and rehab services – Does your loved one require the skills of a nurse to monitor or manage an unstable medical condition? Adoray has plenty of expertise when it comes to home health and rehabilitation services.
    4. Grief support – Everyone deals with grief differently. Adoray offers grief support to hospice and palliative care families who recently experienced the death of a loved one.

Are you interested in volunteering through Adoray Home Health & Hospice? There are a wide range of opportunities available. Of course, donating is also greatly appreciated. You can take part in planned giving or donate at one of the special events through Adoray.

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