Back in Black

For as long as we can recall, black countertops have always been a sought-after staple for homeowners who want elegance, charm, and a bit of sophistication in their kitchens. Not only are these marble or granite countertops a breeze to clean and care for, but they’re some of the most reliable countertops you can find. While granite and marble share different consistencies, styles, and features, they both have much to offer. Even if your countertops are made of another material, black is still a powerful color to have in your kitchen, as it lends itself well to myriad colors. However, choosing the right color for your cabinets can be a bit confusing (if not maddening) when you’re facing these numerous options. Over our many years in the cabinet refacing business, we’ve seen quite a number of color schemes that are sure to please even the pickiest of cabinet connoisseurs. If you’re looking for some kitchen makeover motivation, take a peek below to find some colorful inspiration for your kitchen’s upcoming facelift.


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Color Consideration Number Five: Turquoise

Turquoise may not be the first color that springs to mind when you think of kitchen colors, but, hear us out. Turquoise has come a long way from just being a common color in America’s Southwest region; it’s a cool, welcoming color that offers plenty of room for additional colors in your kitchen. Depending on your preferences, your cabinet refacing project can be completed in numerous shades of turquoise, from a deep, rich hue to a soft and subtle display. And, during the hot and humid months, turquoise evokes a cool feeling, providing a welcomed (visual) relief from the heat.


Color Consideration Number Four: White

This color combo is timeless and simple — but simple doesn’t have to mean boring. White cabinets are a great way to not only add classic style to any kitchen, but also a great way to leave yourself options for adding complimenting colors to your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a pure white, eggshell, or any variation of the color, we have the experience and know-how to bring your kitchens from the brink of boring to the furthest edges of elegance. Have an idea you’d like to run by us or looking for some design help? Don’t hesitate to contact us about our design consultancy services.


Color Consideration Number Three: Grey

Another of the more classic color combos, grey and black doesn’t have to mean drab. Whether you’re looking for softer, closer-to-white-than-grey hues, or your mind’s eye has been looking for a deeper shade, we have you (and your cabinets) covered. This color scheme works especially well if your countertops marble or granite countertops have bursts of metallic greys and whites speckled about them. If this is the case, consider it a freebie for soft accents that really pull your kitchen’s look together.


Color Consideration Number Two: Cream

This is another combination of colors that has the potential to raise some eyebrows. But, before issuing judgement, consider the warm, comforting colors created when your coffee and cream mix together in a swirl of mocha-hued bliss. Are we evoking some feelings? That’s the whole goal of your kitchen’s color scheme! Our homes are places of refuge, and black and cream can elicit feeling of calm, comfort, and warmth — and that’s especially welcomed during Wisconsin’s long, brutal winters.


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Color Consideration Number One: Lavender

This is potentially our biggest curveball. lavender isn’t exactly known for its prominence in kitchens. However, it’s especially popular in bathrooms and bedrooms, as it’s often touted for both its calming characteristics and it’s soft hues. When you choose a lighter shade of lavender, it subtly complements the rich black from your countertops. Moreover, it gives you nearly endless wriggle room for adding deeper blues and purples. Whether you’re wanting a deep, warm color to pair with your black countertops, or you’re more in the market for softer shades, St. Croix Cabinet Solutions has you covered. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Choose quality. Choose St. Croix Cabinet Solutions.