You’ve finally had enough of your current kitchen cabinets. Not only do they look worn-out, but the cabinets are just plain ugly. There’s no other way to describe it. So you decide it’s time to give the cabinets a more high-end look. But before you get started, consider this: a DIY kitchen cabinet refinishing project may cost you as little as $200 in supplies. Just be prepared to dedicate several entire weekends to the task. That said, here are 10 tips to keep in mind as you refinish cabinets, as referenced from HGTV:

  1. Label with tape – Even the handiest of homeowners often struggle to figure out which door goes with the right opening when reinstalling door fronts. Make it easier on yourself by labeling each cabinet opening and door front with corresponding numbers marked on tape. Before spraying door fronts and casing with primer and paint, be sure to remove the labels. Finally, replace once dry to prepare for reinstallation.
  2. Fill the holes – Are you planning to add new hardware to the cabinets? Prior to getting too far ahead of yourself, fill each hole with putty, from front to back. Chances are slim that the existing hardware holes will line up properly with new screws.
  3. Sand surfaces – This is one of the more critical steps of the entire process. Sanding surfaces allows you to remove any existing sheen or protective sheen from drawer and door fronts. Why is this so important you may be wondering? In short, this enables the primer and paint to bond the way it’s supposed to with the surface. Keep in mind that fine-grit sanding blocks or pads work best for most fronts. On the other hand, rough-grit sandpaper is your best bet for cabinet and drawer fronts with heavy layers of shellac or lacquer.
  4. Use a high-quality primer – The surfaces are sanded and you’re ready to paint. Wait a minute, though. What’s your primer of choice? The fact is that the professionals use stain-blocking primers to both create an effective bonding surface for the paint and to reduce the number of coats they have to use. Are you planning to use light colors? Then just one coat each of primer and paint will suffice. If you’re going with dark or bold shades of paint, then a tinted primer is a must.
  5. Use a high-volume, low-pressure paint sprayer – Nothing compares to a sprayed, factory-like finish on cabinets. So how can you achieve that look on your own? An HVLP paint sprayer will certainly point you in the right direction. Why spend around $100 per day to rent one from a home improvement store? Simply put, it sprays a fine mist of paint in an even stream, leading to an attractive, even finish. Pro tip: hold the tip of the spray gun at least eight inches from the cabinets’ surface and apply using a controlled back-and-forth motion. The results speak for themselves.
  6. Mark with a jig – Once you’ve set the desired dimensions, the jig can be placed on the edge of each cabinet or drawer front. From there, you can mark it with a pencil. Because the dimensions are preset, the markings will remain consistent as the tool is used for each door and drawer front.
  7. Touch up when needed – After seemingly endless hours of measuring, sanding, and painting, the end of the project is near. Now it’s just time to touch up any nicks, scrapes, or scratches. The pros recommend using a detail brush to handle these tiny imperfections. Whatever you do, steer clear of using a basic paintbrush, as it will likely cause an unsightly blemish.
  8. Add hardware – There are countless hardware sizes and scales for you to play with here. If you’re looking for a way to express your own unique style, this is your chance to do so.
  9. Add felt pads – You may not have thought about it at first, but it’s a good idea to protect the backs of newly painted cabinet doors fronts from the surrounding casing. If you don’t, you risk damaging the paint finish from all the opening and closing. So put your mind at ease by adding felt door dampers to the bottom corner of the doors.
  10. Call a professional – After reading all this, you may think that kitchen cabinet refinishing is anything but easy. Frankly, you’re correct. The process requires the utmost precision and skill from start to finish. It’s why our team at St. Croix Cabinet Solutions recommends getting in touch with your local kitchen remodeling contractors in Hudson.

Why We’re Trusted For Kitchen Makeovers

Do you want to make your cabinets look new again without opting for cabinet replacement? Then kitchen cabinet refinishing is the ideal cost-effective alternative. Homeowners appreciate that refinishing costs about one third less than total replacement. Imagine also being able to put money toward a new floor, counters, lighting, and/or appliances.

It could be that you like the current layout and style of your cabinets. Maybe you just want the project done quickly and effectively without dealing with costly DIY mistakes. Whatever the case, St. Croix Cabinet Solutions is here to help. Our process is virtually odor-free, creates no mess, and can be done in just one day.

From kitchen cabinet refacing to replacement cabinet doors, we want to help make your dreams attainable. Don’t continue to put off that kitchen project just because you’re concerned about cost. We can help you get the most bang for your buck without pushing unnecessary sales tactics.

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