1. When to Reface or Replace Your Cabinets

    To Reface, or Replace —That is The Question It’s not always easy to know when, exactly, it’s time for kitchen cabinet refacing. Moreover, it can be even more difficult to know when to replace our kitchen cabinets; when the option of saving potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs down the road is on the line, this factor can sometimes cloud our perception of what we want to re…Read More

  2. Tips on Deciding on Color for Your Kitchen

    Color Me Impressed When you’re remodeling your kitchen, you have seemingly endless factors to consider. And understandably so! Whether your kitchen is getting gutted and your old cabinets and countertops are getting replaced, or you’re wanting a kitchen cabinet refacing project completed, considering the color of your cabinets, countertops, and (especially) backsplash and walls is integral to …Read More

  3. Keeping Your Kitchen Organized

    Your kitchen is a place where you create delicious meals, catch up on the day, and sip a delectable glass of wine. Your kitchen also can quickly become a mess of pots, pans, gadgets, and general clutter. If you feel like your kitchen has become a disheveled mess, it is time to take back control of your kitchen. Kitchen organization doesn’t need to feel overwhelming or impossible. Talk to our tea…Read More

  4. Celebrating The 1st Inaugural Fire & Ice

    At St. Croix Cabinet Solutions, we are proud to be a part of the vibrant community, which is why we always strive to provide premium quality services to our local neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, we enjoy the pleasure of attending important and meaningful community events. This year we were honored to attend the 1st Inaugural Fire & Ice - Community Award Celebration in Stil…Read More

  5. Should You Replace or Reface Your Cabinets?

    Your kitchen should be a reflection of the style you want. Whether you want a warm, homey kitchen or a sleek, modern kitchen, you should have a kitchen that portrays your stylistic choice. Your kitchen sets the tone for the rest of your home. It serves as both a functional space where dinners can be prepared, and as a cozy space where family can gather to recount their days. One of the components …Read More

  6. 4 Must Know Kitchen Makeovers Ideas

    Your kitchen is an integral part of your home. Whether you enjoy entertaining friends every week, or you like to simply enjoy the company of your family, the kitchen plays a large role in the comfort of those who enter your home. Not only does your kitchen serve a practical function, allowing you to cook and bake for loved ones, it also serves as a place for entertaining, a cozy space for families…Read More

  7. Cabinet Refacing Vs Replacing

    Your cabinets provide more than just simple functionality. The appearance of your cabinets has a direct influence on the style of the room. Because your cabinets play such a large role in the decorative style of the room they are located in, they are often one of the first items a homeowner looks to spruce up. Whether your cabinets have suffered dings and scratches over time, or they are simply lo…Read More

  8. Don’t Miss Our Ice Castles Giveaway!

    Did you hear? Today is the day! We now know that the Ice Castles in Stillwater, Minnesota are officially open. So exciting, we’ve waited for this for awhile, and they’re now finished! It helps that the weather cooperated and gave us equally enough days of subzero temps (to keep things nice and frozen) here - while also providing temps around 20 degrees fahrenheit….(around the ideal temp for …Read More

  9. Want to Update & Transform your kitchen cabinets, counters and backsplash before the Holidays?

    Check out below photos and others in our photo gallery page - Beautiful transformations at a fraction of the cost of major remodeling or cabinet replacement. We will reface your cabinets with beautiful cabinet doors and face frame materials.... or, we can do other projects such as painting the box frames and door replacement. We can also install roll-out drawers, garbage units, lazy susans, counte…Read More