1. Tips for Choosing Custom Cabinets

    Late summer is the perfect time to start thinking about updating your kitchen cabinets. You’ll find early in the process, though, that picking out kitchen cabinets may be the most difficult part of an interior design project. Consider these tips for choosing custom cabinets in Hudson.  Have an idea of current design trends Just because you may not have an eye for interior design doesn’t mean …Read More

  2. Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Kitchen

    What would you say is the most popular room in your house? While your first thought may be the living room, we’re willing to bet that your kitchen is where everyone in your family spends the most time. Here are five signs that your kitchen could use a serious upgrade. Space is limited What good is a kitchen that’s cramped and constricting? If you feel as though space is limited in this room, y…Read More

  3. 8 Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

    Maybe you recently decided to update your kitchen. But with the number of so-called home design experts in Hudson, how do you really know which one is right for your project? Here are eight questions to ask your kitchen remodeling contractor before hiring them. Do you have proof of your current business license? Even today, an alarming number of contractors do not have the proper licensing. Sure, …Read More

  4. Are Custom Cabinets Worth the Investment?

    As a frugal homeowner, you look for opportunities to save money whenever possible, especially when it comes to home improvement projects. But we’re here to tell you that skimping on a new kitchen design probably isn’t the best idea. More specifically, settling for low-quality and/or cheap cabinetry can actually come back to bite you financially in the long run.  Here are six reasons custom ca…Read More

  5. Organizational Ideas

    Installing a chalkboard on the inside of your new cabinet refacing project is a great way to help you remember items you are out of, grocery lists or maybe a to-do list. What a great idea!…Read More

  6. Are High-Pressure Laminate Cabinet Doors Right For You?

    Melamine & High-Pressure Laminate doors and drawer fronts are available in a slab style that offers a sleek and stylish look free from embellishments. Because of the durability and functionality of Melamine and High-Pressure Laminate, these kitchen makeover products are commonly incorporated into contemporary kitchens, bathrooms, closets and more. With, Walzcraft we are able to custom design t…Read More

  7. Kitchen with dark custom cabinets and white countertops - St Croix Cabinet Solutions

    The Right Hardware For Your Custom Cabinets

    Picking the right hardware for your cabinet refacing project can be tough and time-consuming. We at St. Croix Cabinet Solutions can help make that process a little less of a headache for you. We have many options to choose from and can show you what handles, knobs, hinges, etc. will work for your current cabinets without having to drill new holes. The right hardware on your cabinets can make a hug…Read More

  8. Have More Questions About Our Custom Cabinets?

    Are you looking to remodel your home, or start a kitchen makeover, maybe? We have some great options to offer you. One of them is adding stained glass to your cabinets! Have a certain color or style you are looking for? Check out our friend at HandCraftedStainedGlass. She does great work and has many options for stained glass! Contact us now to get you on our schedule. Time slots are filling up f…Read More