In most cases, homebuyers don’t have the option to choose their cabinets and countertops, they simply purchase an existing home with existing products. So if you have always wanted to make your kitchen your own, the team at St. Croix Cabinet Solutions wants to help. Whatever the size, layout, or style of your existing kitchen, together, we can create a design that you can really show off!

With years of experience designing custom cabinets in the Woodbury area, we can help make your dream kitchen a reality. When you choose to work with us, we’ll start with a design consultation where we’ll discuss your needs and wants. If you’d like, we even offer kitchen and bathroom design consultants who can help you with the overall look, help you choose colors, the backsplash, hardware, storage, and more, so that everything fits within a cohesive design. Whatever your needs are, we can do it all.

How to Start Your Custom Cabinet Design

It can be incredibly daunting looking at all of the options for cabinets — there’s the color, the door style, the hardware, the type of wood, the layout of the cabinets if you want pull-out drawers or hinged doors, and much more. Here are some things to consider as you’re planning your Woodbury kitchen remodel.

The Wood

There are several wood types that can be used for custom cabinets, including oak, maple, birch, cherry, and hickory, among others. Which type of wood is best for your project will depend on your budget, what grain pattern you want, and whether you want hard or soft wood. The color of the cabinets often comes down to the stain that is chosen.

The Door Style

After you know the type of wood you want, take a look at our cabinet door styles. There are flat panels, raised panels, slab doors, and mullion cabinet doors, just to name a few. You can also opt for a glass panel or even open shelving for a unique design. The style of the door often represents the overall design of the space — flat panels create a more contemporary look, while raised panels and other more intricate details lend a more traditional look.

The Color

Choosing a color is also an important design choice, as the cabinets, countertops, flooring, backsplash, and other details should all create a cohesive look. Do you want a bright and sunny space? Warm and cozy? Modern? The color of the cabinets is a great place to start when remodeling the space. When possible, look at the cabinet color in natural light as well, to give you an idea of what they will look like when they’re installed.

The Storage

Whether it’s the kitchen or the bathroom, cabinets are all about storage and making the most out of each section. In the kitchen, think about where you want certain items, such as spices, utensils, cutting boards, the trash, etc. Where do you want larger cabinet spaces for larger pots and pans? Do you want pull-out bins for the trash and recycling? Our team at St. Croix will go over your options to help you decide on these details.


The hardware on the cabinets is often a finishing touch, but can really pull everything together in the whole kitchen. If you love your existing hardware, we’ll make sure to keep them safe as your new cabinets are installed. Or, we’re happy to install new hardware that will match the new look.

Custom cabinets are an investment, and St. Croix Cabinet Solutions in Woodbury is here to help make sure you get exactly what you want. From start to finish, no detail will be left untouched. If you’re ready to make your kitchen your dream space, get in touch with us today for a free consultation!