Are your cabinets looking dated or not functioning properly? Whether it’s adding more drawers, creating a hidden trash can, or adding more shelving, a cabinet replacement project might be a great option for your home. Before you decide how to go about updating your space, here are a few things to consider when deciding if replacing your cabinets is the right choice.

Your Cabinets are Poorly Made

Unfortunately, if your cabinets are made out of cheap, low-quality materials, refacing is likely not an option. In this case, replacing your cabinets with higher-quality cabinetry is your best option. This will help your kitchen look and function better, and your cabinets will last much longer. 

You Want a Different Layout

If you’re satisfied with the current layout of your kitchen and just want an updated look, refacing your cabinets might be a good option for you. But if you’re looking for a more complete remodel and want to change the layout of your cabinets, you’ll need to replace them. St. Croix Cabinet Solutions offers kitchen design consultations to help you design your dream kitchen. 

Your Cabinets Have Major Damage or Structural Issues

Water damage, mold, and cabinets that need major repairs are often not good candidates for refacing or refinishing. If for whatever reason your cabinets’ structural damage is beyond repair, replacement will be your ideal choice. 

From countertops to cabinets, kitchens to bathrooms, St. Croix Cabinet Solutions has got you covered, and we have cabinet solutions for every budget. Call for a free consultation and start creating the kitchen of your dreams today!