You have big plans in 2019, whether it’s taking the next step in your career or spending more time with family. But why not also consider a kitchen renovation project? The more you think about it, the more you realize this space is the center of your family’s daily life.

Here are some of the best kitchen renovation ideas of 2019, as referenced from Decor Aid:

Quartz countertops

Homeowners have various materials to choose from when browsing countertops. While granite, marble, and travertine remain popular selections, few materials compare in beauty and durability to quartz. Not only does quartz present a timeless look, but it’s virtually indestructible.

St. Croix Cabinet Solutions can provide you with gorgeous countertops to complement your newly updated cabinets. There’s no question that updated countertops will refresh your entire kitchen. So reach out to our design consultant and ask about Vicostone® quartz surfaces.

Matte finishes

You can’t beat the slick touch of matte finishes. But that’s not the only reason to matte everything in your kitchen. The reality is that matte cabinetry and appliances are easy to keep clean and will undoubtedly remain in style for years to come.

Dark kitchens

It wasn’t long ago that homeowners were making the switch to all-white kitchens. That’s not the case anymore, though, as black and moodier hued designs are gaining traction. If you’ve been looking to add an elegant sense of drama to your home’s interior, you should absolutely consider a dark kitchen.

Concrete finishes

The last thing you want to do is go overboard with your kitchen renovations. If you’re a minimalist or just don’t want to break the bank on this project, concrete finishes make a ton of sense. Work with your contractor to see if concrete backsplashes, countertops, and/or flooring would work well in your kitchen.

Single level islands

In 2019, kitchen designers will say goodbye to islands with multidimensional counterpoints. What’s so great about single level islands, anyway? For one thing, they don’t block light, increase prep space, and create an unobstructed conversation and dining area.

Mixing and matching

This is a big one. Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to replicate a friend’s kitchen design. But this mindset essentially keeps you trapped in one definitive direction.

So let your hair down a bit during this process and have fun with unique juxtapositions from flooring to cabinets. Ultimately, you want your kitchen to reflect your style and not someone else’s. Just don’t lose sight of functionality as you make decisions.

Island storage

Let’s revisit kitchen islands for a moment. Up until now, storage has rarely been a priority in this area. That’s changing in 2019 as homeowners begin to make the most use of the space under their kitchen island.

The Cabinet Refacing Professionals

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