You love to cook. The more meals you prepare, though, the more items you must store in cabinets. As a result, your kitchen cabinets are pretty disorganized and that’s putting it lightly.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which ingredients you already have without moving everything around? By getting this space organized, you’ll have a better idea of where everything is and, as a result, save money on unnecessary groceries. Not to mention, more organized kitchen cabinets allow for much easier cooking and cleaning.

Now for the million dollar question: Where do you even start? Before getting too far ahead of yourself, it’s important to know that organizing your cabinets takes time. By breaking up the task into steps, you can see just how much progress has been made.

Here are four tips for organizing your kitchen cabinets, as referenced from The Spruce:


You have to start somewhere, right? Before doing anything else, it’s imperative to declutter as much as possible. Either throw away or donate anything that’s not used.

The more stuff you can get rid of, the more space you will have in the end. Maybe you’re thinking, “There’s no way I can clear out all my kitchen cabinets.” Instead of getting discouraged, try decluttering one cabinet at a time before you’ve gone through all of them in the kitchen.

Again, this tends to be a time-consuming project for homeowners. So don’t feel as though you must get it all done in one night.

Sort and arrange items back into your cabinets

Now’s the time to organize everything you decided to keep. Pro tip: Avoid worrying about appearance and focus on making the contents accessible. You may want to think about purchasing a few organizers that separate by type of item (boxed, canned, etc.).

There are many ways you can effectively organize your kitchen cabinets. For example, how you store spices and canned goods may be completely different from what your neighbor does. And that’s okay!

For convenience purposes, though, we suggest placing items where you use them. So, if you use the stove on a regular basis, it’s probably good to have spices well within reach and not on the other side of the kitchen.

Another idea here is to give frequently used items priority. If you use your coffee mug every day but only get out the wine glasses for special occasions, then it’s probably best to have the mug toward the front.

One last thing regarding this point is neatness. The last thing you want to do is spend hours decluttering only to create another mess when you go to put items back in the cabinets. Do what you can to keep labels facing out, boxes lined up, and bowls stacked in order of size.

Store items accordingly

It doesn’t do much good to just randomly put things in cabinets. Frankly, the upper cabinets should be reserved for food, glasses, dishes, cookbooks, and tubberware. If your kitchen has a pantry, then you should have additional space for tools, pots and pans, as well as appliances.

The bottom cabinets, meanwhile, can be used for appliances, pots, pans, baking sheets, mixing bowls, cutting boards, and cleaning supplies. Though it sounds like a lot, you’ll quickly realize there’s a lot of room in the bottom cabinets. If you’re at all worried about children or pets getting into cleaning supplies, purchase a child-proof lock.

Maintain organization

Try as you might, you probably aren’t going to keep your kitchen cabinets perfectly organized forever. Rather than drive yourself crazy every night after cooking, plan to go through the cabinets a few times a year. Chances are you will find more items to throw away or donate.

These are also opportunities to reorganize things the way you want.

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