Your kitchen should be a reflection of the style you want. Whether you want a warm, homey kitchen or a sleek, modern kitchen, you should have a kitchen that portrays your stylistic choice. Your kitchen sets the tone for the rest of your home. It serves as both a functional space where dinners can be prepared, and as a cozy space where family can gather to recount their days. One of the components of your kitchen that dominates the appearance is your cabinetry. If you are considering a kitchen makeover, start with your cabinets.

The next step is to decide which is right for you: cabinet replacement or cabinet refacing. Below we will highlight the pros and cons of each choice. Remember, you can reach out at anytime to speak to a design consultant on our team for help with your kitchen makeover. We are experts are cabinet replacing and cabinet refacing in Hudson to match any style.

Cabinet Replacement: The Pros And Cons

For many homeowners who have never heard of cabinet refacing, full cabinet replacement will be the first option to come to mind. This process involves tearing out the existing cabinets in their entirety. These old cabinets are then tossed and entirely new cabinets are installed.

The Pros
This option is excellent if you want to change the entire layout of your kitchen. It will allow you to completely redesign your space and implement any new appliances you wish. It also is appropriate in situations where your existing cabinets are truly beyond repair (i.e. rotting wood, sagging frames).

The Cons
The biggest drawback to full cabinet replacement for most homeowners is the price tag. Because you are replacing the entire structure, you will spend quite a bit in both materials and in installation services. Another con to this process is that it is extremely involved, which means your kitchen space will be out of commission for possibly weeks. You will need to remove everything from countertops and everything stored in your cabinets during the project. Any appliances affected by the new design will need to be moved and stored during the project as well.

The Takeaway
Cabinet replacement might be for you if you want to restructure your kitchen, budget is not an issue, and you have the ability to go without the use of your kitchen for a little while. Learn more about kitchen cabinet replacement here.

Cabinet Refacing: The Pros and Cons

Cabinet refacing is another option for homeowners looking to change the style of their kitchen or give the space a facelift. Cabinet refacing is less involved than replacement. Instead of tearing out the entire cabinet structure, cabinet refacing is done by removing cabinet doors, drawer faces, molding, and hardware and then by replacing these items.

The Pros
Because cabinet refacing does not involve replacing the entire structure of your cabinets, it is a much more affordable option. It also means that your kitchen is completely operable during the project. For those who are environmentally conscious, cabinet refacing is the best option as, unlike replacement, it does not involve throwing out entire cabinet systems into landfills.

The Cons
Because you are not tearing out the entire cabinet system, cabinet refacing does not allow for a change to the layout of your kitchen.

The Takeaway
Cabinet refacing might be the perfect choice for you if you like the current layout of your kitchen, your existing cabinets are structurally sound, you want to improve the style of your cabinets, and you have a limited budget. You can learn more about cabinet refacing here.

Update Your Kitchen

If you are ready to update the appearance of your kitchen, talk to us about either cabinet replacement or cabinet refacing. If you opt for cabinet refacing, we can help you explore the options you have to get the most out of this project. Just because you are not replacing your entire cabinet system does not mean you cannot make a major improvement to your kitchen. When you pair cabinet refacing with the installation of new hardware and cabinet / drawer organizers, you can leave your kitchen looking fresh and stylish. We have cabinet refacing options to meet any style preference. Our goal is to help you create the kitchen of your dreams on the budget of your reality.

Once you reface your cabinets, you can move on to updating the rest of the kitchen’s appearance. Pick out some new curtains, clean up the clutter on your countertops, and enjoy the fresh new look your upgraded cabinets bring to your home. To learn more about our cabinet refacing in Hudson, fill out the form below. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful kitchen you and your entire family can enjoy for years to come.

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