Your kitchen is a place where you create delicious meals, catch up on the day, and sip a delectable glass of wine. Your kitchen also can quickly become a mess of pots, pans, gadgets, and general clutter. If you feel like your kitchen has become a disheveled mess, it is time to take back control of your kitchen. Kitchen organization doesn’t need to feel overwhelming or impossible. Talk to our team about how a kitchen makeover can restore the beauty and functionality of your kitchen. We provide cabinet refacing in Hudson and surrounding locations, as well as other kitchen remodeling services including organizational rollouts.

Check out these quick tips for organizing your kitchen.

Sifting Through Your Belongings

The first place to begin is by sifting through your belongings. Your kitchen can quickly become a catch-all for every gadget, pot, and pan under the sun. While some of these items are used daily, others might be completely unnecessary. For example, the coffee maker is probably a valuable item and should be allowed to keep its perch upon your countertop. However, do you really need the hot dog machine that your uncle gifted you last Christmas? Take a good hard look at every gadget and pot and pan in your kitchen. Donate items you rarely use or repetitive items. You might be surprised at how much space you free up when you do a simple purge.

Pull Everything Out

While it might seem overwhelming, the best tactic is to pull everything out of your cabinets and drawers. This allows you to create a brand new organizational plan. Junk drawers can also be emptied and cleaned out. Once you have everything out in the open, it is time to get to work building a new organizational plan.

Create A Game Plan

When you look at the space you have, think creatively and think about functionality. What items do you use the most? Are you sick of crouching on the floor digging to the back of a cabinet for the pots and pans you use every day? This should be resolved. Frequently used items should have a high priority in accessibility.

When you create your new organizational plan, start with the items that bring you the most frustration. Here are some easy ideas for organizing common problem items:

  • Rollout Drawers For Cabinets: Consider the installation of roll out drawers for your cabinets. These rollouts allow you to spend less time stooped over digging to the back of your cabinet as you quickly roll out all your pots and pans and grab the one you want.
  • Hanging Tools: If you use measuring spoons, cups, and other small tools frequently, consider hanging them in a convenient location. Adding a cork board to the back of a cabinet door can allow you to attach hooks easily where tools can be hung conveniently.
  • Labeled Containers: Ditch cumbersome and loudly colored packaging for simple, labeled containers. This works great for baking ingredients like flour, sugar, and other powdery items. It will keep your kitchen clean, streamlined, and allow for easy access to commonly used ingredients.
  • Use Bins: When you have lots of small items in a cabinet, you often knock over things as you attempt to locate the one item you need. Use small bins to hold these items instead. This way you can quickly pull out the bin, grab what you need, and put the bin back up.

If you need help organizing your kitchen, start with these easy, quick tips, and contact our team for help. Our design consultant can help you make the most of your space with roll out organizers and other helpful cabinet organization tools. Talk to us today about a kitchen remodel with cabinet refacing in Hudson or surrounding locations.